If you prefer the new NNM Pace Calculator JS.


This is version 4.2 of the NNM Pace Calculator, which is a free-to-use online tool that calculates distances, paces, speeds and times. The NNM Pace Calculator is a spare time project designed, developed and maintained by Anders Gustafson with useful help and hints especially from Ingmarie Nilsson.

The NNM Pace Calculator is completely free to use.

Yes, NNM is an abbreviation for nemo nisi mors...

There is another variant of this calculator, NNM Pace Calculator JS, that I recommend you to try.


The main goal from the beginning was to create an easy tool for calculating running paces. During the years the functionality has evolved to include calculations useful for other activities as well, for example rowing, biking, sailing, astronomy and much more, but the goal is still to keep the user interface as simple as possible.

Site map

There are six different tabs: Calculator, Configuration, Documentation, Examples, About and Contact.

Cookie policy

There is only one cookie used for the NNM Pace Calculator, and the name of this cookie is NNMPaceCalculator. The cookie is stored in your browser when you have saved some configuration settings. It is only when you have made your own choices of configuration that the cookie is stored. If you haven't made any choices or if you reset to defaults, the cookie will not exist in your browser. You may, of course, also delete the cookie manually from your browser at any time.

The content of the cookie will be a string defining the choices of units that you have made for the distance, the split distance and the pace. The only reason for the cookie is to make it possible for you to have your own configuration settings and therefore a more personal experience when using the calculator.

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