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Since the JS version can do almost the same as the original NNM Pace Calculator I will not duplicate that information here. Instead you can start read the original documentation page which will contain useful information.

Here I will only clarify the differences between the original version and the JS version.


  • Calculations/conversions are made directly when you change a value (either in the input fields or in the select lists).
  • The only valid values in all the input fields are positive numbers. When you define other characters in the input fields nothing will be calculated/converted.
  • You can define the time in hh:mm:ss or in seconds. For example, you can define 2 minutes as 00:02:00 or as 120 s.
  • If you do not define the hour part for the time, you can define a minute value larger than 59. For example, define 100 minutes and it will be converted to 1:40:00.
  • When you switch between the menu tabs, the calculations you have made will not be cleared. For example, if you move from the Calculator tab to the Documentation and back again, your results will still be present.


Do I need to have JavaScript enabled?
Yes, since all the calculations are made by JavaScript functions.
Is any data sent to the server?
No, when you do the calculations/conversions then everything is executed on client side.
Where are the Calculate/Convert and Clear fields buttons?
They are not needed anymore. Calculations and conversions are made directly when you change a value. If you want to clear the fields you can just reload the page.
Can I store my own configuration?
No, not at the moment. Perhaps I will add configuration functionality (in a similar way as in the original) in the future.

The NNM Pace Calculator JS is an enhanced project parallel to the original NNM Pace Calculator. In this JS version all the calculations are handled by JavaScript on the client side, which hopefully results in a quicker and smoother user experience. It would be nice to hear how you feel about it.

This JS version should be seen as a complement to the original version. The NNM Pace Calculator JS is designed, developed and maintained by Anders Gustafson.

Some differences from the original version

There are some improvements from the original version, for example, now the time is converted to the total number of seconds, so you can define the time in hh:mm:ss or in seconds and do conversions between those.

The user interface in this JS version looks almost the same as in the original version, but the Calculate/Convert and Clear fields buttons are not needed anymore, since all the calculations are made directly when you change a value and you can clear the fields by reloading the page.

Version history

  • [September 2012] Version 1.0 is released.
    The best ideas from the original NNM Pace Calculator (version 4.2) are improved and some new functionality is added. The configuration part is missing in this version, but configuration will perhaps be added in a future version.
  • [July 2013] Version 1.1 is released.
    Fix for JavaScript problems in Internet Explorer ("const" not supported by Internet Explorer). Thanks to Claudia Hernández for pointing out the problems.
    Tested with IE 10.0, Firefox 22.0, Safari 6.0.5 and Chrome 28.0.
  • [September 2013] Version 1.2 is released.
    Minor enhancements in GUI and JavaScript.

Feedback on the calculator is always appreciated and you can contact me by sending an email to .

You will find my homepage at http://anders.nemonisimors.com.

And remember that the sky is no limit!